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Reps of the British Tamils Forum met a group of Tamils in Chatsworth on Deepavalli Day. I admire the 75 odd locals that stole a part of a family day to welcome the visitors. Kana Nirmalan, Co-ordinator of the Human Rights Team was one of the speakers.

The delegation spoke on, among other issues, that lack of support at the United Nations to discuss the issue of the continuing genocide in the Tamil Eelam, a cessation of the atrocities and the heeding of the call by Navi Pillay, the UN Commissioner for Human Rights for an independent investigation into war time violations.

Whilst the efforts to stop the conference from being held in Sri Lanka resulted in half the member countries staying away South Africa. In contrast the very attendance by Commonwealth members meant giving tacit approval to the government’s role in the continuing atrocities against the Tamils . Congratulations to, among others, India, Mauritius and Canada who heeded the call to boycott.

UK Prime Minister, David Cameron kept to his promise and after visiting the North to see for himself made a positive contributions in order to stop government atrocities.

Zuma supported a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. How will this help when the genocide blatantly continues? In reality the South African Commission was not successful as it was made out be. Zuma must support Navi Pillay’s recommendations.

If Sri Lanka were a mineral and oil rich country, the G8 countries would have reacted with alacrity.

Dr Juggie Pather


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